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Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions the following applies:
we,us,our or ourselves refers to bikebuyersuk you, customer or your refers to the individual website user

Once you have provided us with all the vehicle details we will then furnish you with a price which we would be willing to pay for your vehicle.  Upon agreement of this price between both interested parties we will then arrange collection / delivery and also payment terms

The quotation provided by us will be in pounds sterling (£) and will be inclusive of any vat.  At the time of quotation you are responsible for the full disclosure of anything which may affect the valuation of the vehicle, this includes but is not exclusive to: Insurance condition, other damage, outstanding finance settlement etc
Valuations are provided on a “subject to contract” basis and are not legally binding.  We reserve the right to withdraw our offer at any time without legal consequences or liability

Upon acceptance of the offer by both parties and ourselves viewing the vehicle we will furnish you with either cash on collection or we can arrange for an instant bank transfer, we will also provide you with a receipt of collection

Should you wish for ourselves to settle any outstanding finance on a vehicle, we would need an up to date finance settlement figure, we may also require your permission to speak to the finance company directly.

By offering us the opportunity to quote for your vehicle you are confirming that

- You are the legal owner of the vehicle (no 3rd party ownership)
- The appraisal given to ourselves is accurate and correct
- The vehicle isn't subject to outstanding finance (unless previously stated)
- The vehicle hasn't been the subject of a total loss claim or has anything recorded against it on any insurance register (unless previously stated)
- The mileage reading stated on the odometer of the vehicle is correct and has not been the subject of any tampering
- The vehicle has no undisclosed defects, this includes but is not exclusive to, Engine change, un-road-worthiness, frame damage, engine damage (Unless we have been previously advised)

We will always try to arrange collection at a time which is convenient, however occasionally unforeseen circumstances can occur IE Traffic etc, However we will endeavor to notify you of any sever delays
When we collect the vehicle or you deliver the vehicle we will require:

- The vehicles v5 (logbook)
- Manuals and Service books etc
- All keys required for the operation of the vehicle and extras
- The vehicle road tax

All rights including copyright in the content of these web-pages, photographs displayed on the website and the database of these sites are always owned and controlled by BikebuyersUK
Except for personal use you may not copy, reproduce, redistribute, download, republish, transmit, display, alter or adapt any part of these web-pages.
All trademarks, names or logos are the proprietary marks of us or of our associated 3rd party companies.

BikebuyersUK try to monitor and select all it's 3rd party advertisers, however we do not control these 3rd party sites and cannot therefor be responsible for the content and accuracy of these sites

From time to time we may need to make periodic upgrades / perform maintenance on our websites and associated pages, we will try to do this with as minimal disruption as possible, however from time to time problems do occur, by this end we offer the websites on a “as available” basis and accept no responsibility should technical problems arise.
Although we try to check all content and 3rd party websites thoroughly, we make no warranty that these sites and associated pages are 100% free from computer virus's or any other malicious or impairing computer program.  We at the BikebuyersUK always recommend you use the appropriate virus checking software.

BiebuyersUK respect your privacy, therefore any details submitted will never be given or sold to any 3rd party, we may from time to time wish to contact selected customers with special offers or promotions.  Any customer can opt out of these promotions at any given time


- If any of the criteria outlined in the “your obligations” section are not fulfilled, it may be necessary to re-negotiate the original offer or in more extreme and serious circumstances we may need to cancel the transaction
- we need to confirm that the vehicle is in the same condition as when the vehicle was valued (subject to fair wear and tear)
- We need to be satisfied that you have the legal power to sell the vehicle to ourselves


For all general enquiries :
Tel: +44 01253 700877
Mob : +44 07817685735
Email: info@bikebuyersuk.co.uk
Website: www.bikebuyersuk.co.uk
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